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Welcome back to Cum On Her Face!

Today we have a treat for you for all you cumshot facials fans as we visit a seedy part of town… and I do mean seedy!!

We go to the part of town where the porn shops and adult videostores are plentiful and if you know how to ask the right people the right way, you will find the local gloryholes.

GloryHoleHustlers has girls getting cum on their face and they dont even know what the guy looks like!

Most people know what a gloryhole is but for those that dont, a gloryhole is a hole cut in a wall that allows you to slide your cock in and get sucked and jerked and fucked without seeing the girl on the other side! Gloryhole Hustlers has some of the best gloryhole porn videos I have ever seen.

There is also something called an ungloryhole where the guys are made fools of but thats another story!

Girls make cocks erupt all over their faces at GloryholeHustler!

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